Saturday, January 3, 2009

On a Mission

Once again I will be on a mission to lose weight. Last year I joined the Memorial Mission Hospital's Fit4Life with three other women at my school on a team. One of our teammates has lost almost 100 pounds!!! We are SO proud of her. She amazes me. A single mom of two wonderful girls, a Christian, and a devoted teacher. This year my team is two women, a man, and myself. However, we have 4 teams total at school. I think things could get competitive (at least I hope so!). I have joined a gym and am going with the woman I carpool with most everyday. Bryan and I are also doing Weight Watchers again (it really works!). I am pretty close to the weight I was when I stopped WW last year, I just have to get back to it to lose more. It's not about the pounds for me, it's the size. I am like Colleen from Biggest Loser---I want to be able to go in a store and buy whatever I think looks cute, not have to worry if it comes in my size, or if it should! Anyone else on this endeavor?

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goooooo heather!!