Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Standing on edge

He took a step twice today!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cars go . . .

Cayden has two new tricks: 1-When he plays with a car, he makes a car sound now. See our video on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/wcuprincess
2-If you ask him to wave, he is GREAT at it! Sometimes you will even get a double wave!

Michael will be going to his first birthday party this weekend that will involve lots of kids. He has been to family parties, but this one will have several children. I think I might need medication of some sort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One answered prayer . . . more needed

My friend Christal's husband is home now, a GREAT answered prayer!!! However, please continue to pray for Shanna's dad. He remains in ICU with little change. Today he had a surgery to replace is wound cares in his leg and abdomen. Because he had inhibited breathing he developed pneumonia---as if he didn't have enough problems! On top of all of this Brandon (Shanna's triplet brother) and his wife just greeted their new son Jake into the world. Their family is running on empty with little end in sight. Please pray that they are surrounded by God's love and feel support from Him and all of their friends. If any of you read this, we love you and are praying for you!

If anyone drives tanker trucks we sure could use some gas in Asheville! People are getting CRAZY around here!!!!!

The boys:
Cayden is fighting us on giving up the bottle. He refuses to take his cup in the morning, wants only a bottle at daycare.
Michael's pants issues continue. Today he threw a holy fit about wearing wind pants. He wanted NOTHING to do with them. On a funnier note, his daycare does Computer Pals every other week. Since Michael is still working on pronouncing everything well, his version of Computer Pals is "Peter pals." We are trying hard to correct this faux pas! But . . . it does make us giggle a little.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Great Mundane

Don't you just love to have a "normal" weekend every now and then? That's what this weekend was for us, and I LOVED it! Our weekend included dinner with Dad, Val, and Aub, mowing the grass, a family campfire with smores, laundry, cleaning, a great church service, Steelers football, and SUPERB homemade chili. It's in these times that I feel so blessed.

Please pray for my friends Shanna and Christal. Both have family members in the hospital that are vital to their lives! May the Lord hold these families in His hands and may they feel His presence with them at all times.

Updates on the boys:
We are working on weaning Cayden off of his bottles and to a sippy cup. He is putting up some resistence though. Fun things he did this weekend: waved hi pretty consistently and growled like a lion at a puppet we have.
Michael hates pants. He would like to wear only shorts forever. "These shorts are too long mommy" he said when I put a pair of jeans on him. Hee hee!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Valuable Lesson

Last night Jennifer and Anna came for a sleepover. We tried a new recipe called Cowboy Pie (it was delicious) and then we made some chocolate chip cookies. Things went well until it was time for bed. In the end Anna slept inbetween Jennifer and I. This morning we got up and I made cinnamon waffle sticks (in my AWESOME waffle stick maker I saw on the "I Want That" show) and then Jennifer took Anna and Cayden to her house. Michael and I went to the NC Mtn. State Fair. For the past two weeks all Bryan and I have heard about is the ferris wheel. Everything Michael has said has been followed by, "and then we are going to ride the ferris wheel!" His dreams came true today. First we looked at some animals. Next we rode the ferris wheel, and then about 6 other rides. Overall he did well with them. The only one that was a problem was the little roller coaster. He left that one crying. We finished with a soft serve ice cream cone Daddy had promised him. He and I had a great time. Then we went and picked up Cayden and came home for lunch. After getting Cayden fed, Michael ate some spaghetti o's, peaches, and was about 3/4 through a cup of milk. I was in Cayden's room laying him down for nap when Michael started crying. I came running out because I wasn't sure what could be wrong and he was standing by his chair holding his belly. He said, "My belly hurts! I want my Daddy!" and then turned and puked all over the floor. So, a note for the future . . . go light on lunch after the fair!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our First Time as Bloggers

We have joined the blogging world! I can't promise how often I will update, but I will try! I most likely won't put too many pics on here because I send out so many, but this is to appease all of the people who are always asking how the boys are doing. I will try to put updates on new things that the boys do/say/etc. So here goes:

Michael: He is working on writing some letters. So far he is doing pretty well with the letter H and O. He can tell us how to make an M, but hasn't perfected that yet (up, down, up, down he says). He can pick out an M, H, and O consistently when looking at letters different places. We are also learning how to play games, such as Candy Land and Lucky Ducks. Potty training is going great. The only time he is still wearing a diaper is at night and we don't see that changing in the near future.

Cayden: He is still "cruising". However, he is getting braver about letting go. He is also "talking" all the time. He is eating people food more often, and really doesn't care to eat baby veggies anymore at all. Since we stopped feeding him baby food dinners he is spitting up considerably less. He is SO smiley. He is definitely exhibiting the stranger and separation anxiety though which breaks my heart!