Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Cause You Gotta Have Faith . . . "

It's been awhile . . . but in case anyone still checks, we are still here, still a family, still strong. The other house not selling has taken a toll on our finances, but it has not taken a toll on us as a family. We are still holding hope that all is what it needs to be, that there is a REASON that it hasn't sold. We are still holding on to God provides what we NEED, not what we want. What we NEED is each other, and we still have that. Our minister said that there will be trials, and that we should be prepared. I'm not sure we were 100% prepared for it to take this long. But, what has happened in the interim is that we have really seen who is there for us, who we can go to, and WE ARE SO BLESSED! You know me, I like to be in control. Maybe that's the lesson here. We don't regret our decision, we LOVE our new house. We know that SOON the other house will sell. When it is time, it will sell. When there is a family that needs it, it will sell. Our church family is focusing on hope during Lent, and I KNOW that is God at work. Lessons on hope---just what we NEED.

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