Friday, May 28, 2010

5 Year Appointment

Michael had his 5 year appointment today. Here's the report:
Height: 45 inches
Weight: 49 pounds
BMI: 17
About 85th percentile overall. She said he is in the "at-risk" category for weight, but we already knew that. He is NOT in the "overweight" category, and that made me feel more at ease. He certainly doesn't look it to me, but he is mine.
BP: 90/62
Both eyes: 20/20
Ears: passed all levels
Tubes: working their way out
no concerns for him at all
To quote the doctor, "This is the best handwriting I have ever seen from a 5 year old . . . really." We'll see if that continues in his life! Neither Mom or Dad have super handwriting! He was very talkative, open, curious, and fun. We had a great time. NO SHOTS TODAY! That was super exciting!

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