Monday, February 16, 2009

Let the Fun Times BEGIN!

First, let me say sorry to anyone that feels like we have been distant lately. We have spent MANY of our free moments lately getting our house ready to sell. (I am actually procrastinating on a task by doing this blog!) However, tomorrow we sign the official papers that makes it FOR SALE! We are very overwhelmed with this task. It is incomprehensible to us how we are ever going to have the house "show ready" before we walk out the door for work EVERY day. We are generally neat people, but neat and "show ready" are two separate things. This means that we are getting up 10 minutes earlier (now 5:25AM) to tidy up in the mornings---woo hoo! Whenever our house sells we will need a place to rent, another daunting task. Then we will begin to build. So in the midst of all this, we are looking for the right piece of land. There is one 6 minutes past where we live now that is BEAUTIFUL, but it is 6 minutes further out . . . something I am not excited about. We need prayer. Prayer for the house to sell, prayer we can find a place to rent, prayer we find the right piece of land, and prayer that amidst all of this we don't kill each other! If you know anyone looking for a great house---give us a call!

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