Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Great Mundane

Don't you just love to have a "normal" weekend every now and then? That's what this weekend was for us, and I LOVED it! Our weekend included dinner with Dad, Val, and Aub, mowing the grass, a family campfire with smores, laundry, cleaning, a great church service, Steelers football, and SUPERB homemade chili. It's in these times that I feel so blessed.

Please pray for my friends Shanna and Christal. Both have family members in the hospital that are vital to their lives! May the Lord hold these families in His hands and may they feel His presence with them at all times.

Updates on the boys:
We are working on weaning Cayden off of his bottles and to a sippy cup. He is putting up some resistence though. Fun things he did this weekend: waved hi pretty consistently and growled like a lion at a puppet we have.
Michael hates pants. He would like to wear only shorts forever. "These shorts are too long mommy" he said when I put a pair of jeans on him. Hee hee!

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The Gieses said...

I love this post. It just made me smile - everything from the title to Michael's loathe of pants. We will be back to more mundane soon, I just know it. I covet your thoughts and prayers, dear friend, more than you will ever know.