Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our First Time as Bloggers

We have joined the blogging world! I can't promise how often I will update, but I will try! I most likely won't put too many pics on here because I send out so many, but this is to appease all of the people who are always asking how the boys are doing. I will try to put updates on new things that the boys do/say/etc. So here goes:

Michael: He is working on writing some letters. So far he is doing pretty well with the letter H and O. He can tell us how to make an M, but hasn't perfected that yet (up, down, up, down he says). He can pick out an M, H, and O consistently when looking at letters different places. We are also learning how to play games, such as Candy Land and Lucky Ducks. Potty training is going great. The only time he is still wearing a diaper is at night and we don't see that changing in the near future.

Cayden: He is still "cruising". However, he is getting braver about letting go. He is also "talking" all the time. He is eating people food more often, and really doesn't care to eat baby veggies anymore at all. Since we stopped feeding him baby food dinners he is spitting up considerably less. He is SO smiley. He is definitely exhibiting the stranger and separation anxiety though which breaks my heart!

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