Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One answered prayer . . . more needed

My friend Christal's husband is home now, a GREAT answered prayer!!! However, please continue to pray for Shanna's dad. He remains in ICU with little change. Today he had a surgery to replace is wound cares in his leg and abdomen. Because he had inhibited breathing he developed pneumonia---as if he didn't have enough problems! On top of all of this Brandon (Shanna's triplet brother) and his wife just greeted their new son Jake into the world. Their family is running on empty with little end in sight. Please pray that they are surrounded by God's love and feel support from Him and all of their friends. If any of you read this, we love you and are praying for you!

If anyone drives tanker trucks we sure could use some gas in Asheville! People are getting CRAZY around here!!!!!

The boys:
Cayden is fighting us on giving up the bottle. He refuses to take his cup in the morning, wants only a bottle at daycare.
Michael's pants issues continue. Today he threw a holy fit about wearing wind pants. He wanted NOTHING to do with them. On a funnier note, his daycare does Computer Pals every other week. Since Michael is still working on pronouncing everything well, his version of Computer Pals is "Peter pals." We are trying hard to correct this faux pas! But . . . it does make us giggle a little.

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