Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gramma's Visit

We have been having a FUN time with Gramma in town. Gramma has been taking turns keeping the boys at home. She took Michael to see Wall-E at the new theater and took him to see Playhouse Disney Live (play). This Saturday we had Cayden's first birthday party. We had fine dining with pizza, salad, and cupcakes. Cayden did an excellent job eating almost every last morsel of his cupcake, even requiring a bath before pictures. He was also given tons of fun presents that we will enjoy for a long time to come. Equally as exciting Bryan turned around his carseats tonight!!! Here is a little picture in case you are not on our email lists for pics. If you are not, and would like to be just shoot me an email.

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The Gieses said...

Heather...I tag you. See my blog.