Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween went something like this:

We had dinner at Arby's . . . woo hoo! The "we" in this evening was: Bryan, Michael, Cayden, Jennifer, Nate, Anna, Ryan, and me. Then we went to "Hoopla" at Biltmore Baptist. What is Hoopla? It is basically a carnival with a LOT of nice people and CANDY. There weren't as many scary costumes, we weren't around anyone who smoked (not sure if no one did or we just got lucky), and people were VERY friendly . . . not my typical Halloween. There were probably 30 little games for the kiddos like ring toss, bean bag toss, soccer kick, rocket throw, ski ball, etc and after you played a game, you were instructed to take a handful of candy. We are not talking just about your average candy either. There were several top-of-the-line buckets of candy as well. There were also 5+ bouncy things. Michael only did one of those. But, it was much bigger than any of the ones he had done before so we were very proud of him. We also got to do a hay ride. There was a stage where they had lots of fun music and dancers that Cayden enjoyed a lot. For the animals lovers, there were donkeys, sheep, goats, bunnies, and a bull you could ride (note that we did not, that made me VERY VERY VERY nervous---flashbacks of the bull fight I attended in Mexico, thanks Dad). We came away from ait all with a LOAD of candy, big smiles, frozen hands, and a plan to return there next year. We love Hoopla!

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The Breedloves said...

Good for you! You put pictures! I love your children in their costumes.