Sunday, November 30, 2008


Unfortunately I will be unable to follow all of the rules because I do not know 7 people with blogs, but I will do all of the people that I know and here are my oddities:

1. I have a fear of popping balloons.

2. It really annoys me when my eyebrows, or other peoples' are brushed the wrong way. Although, that also goes for my arm hairs as well. This is probably the weirdest. Like, I can't watch someone brush their eyebrows the wrong way without "fixing" my own eyebrows, even if they are okay.

3. I do not care for nuts in most desserts, like brownies or fudge. But, chocolate/peanut butter in combination is okay.

4. I am INCREDIBLY ticklish.

5. My hands are super squishy, like bendable almost.

6. I can't touch frosted glass, the thought of it makes my skin crawl.

7. I can't watch the movie, The Other Sister, without sobbing. Not tearing up, not tears running down my face, SOBBING to the point that the dollar theater security guard came and asked if Jennifer and I were okay, except that happens EVERY TIME!

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